Nebula Triptych; Lagoon, Horsehead, Orion

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Alizey Khan - Nebula Triptych; Lagoon, Horsehead, Orion - acrylic on 3 canvas boards, 8"x10" each. For sale

This is a triptych of space paintings I just finished. Click the picture to enlarge it. The three paintings took a total about 4 hours altogether, which was refreshing after Lady of the Lake! I based it off of Hubble photography. I love the wispyness and beautiful applied palette used in nebula photography. I actually used the same set of colours I used for Lady of the Lake (a surreal pointillist painting – click for a tutorial), just mixed in different proportions and with black added in areas. I intend for this to be displayed either together or separately. I love astronomical art!

If you’d like to see more of my space art, explore my site for local Charleston, SC art reviews, space art tutorials, pointillism tutorials, and more..

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