I paint mainly in acrylics, on canvas, wood and masonite. I also use layers of clear epoxy resin in between layers of acrylics to create nebula paintings with physical depth.

“It’s A Small World” Painting Series 2016

This series relies on the use of negative space in its presentation to relay its visual reminder of just how tiny the planets of our solar system really are in the vast scale of the universe, despite how big we feel.

“Heavenly Body” Collaboration Series with Heather Thornton, 2015-2016

In this body of work, I collaborate with artist Heather Thornton to combine our similarities and differences to create works celebrating the figure as well as the mystery of outer space. She paints the figures, and I paint the environment they reside in.


“Interspatial” Painting Series 2011-2015

The properties of light and spatial depth are the focus of my astronomical work. I strive to visually depict natural processes beyond ordinary human experience to instil in the viewer a sense of curiosity and wonder regarding the universe around us.