My Doctor Who “The Pandorica Opens” TARDIS Art Prints and Products

I painted an original interpretation of “The Pandorica Opens” from the BBC series Doctor Who about a year ago, and it’s been very popular ever since. This is a painting of the TARDIS from Doctor Who exploding. The context to the show is that Vincent Van Gogh recieved visions of the destruction of the TARDIS, which he was compelled to paint. I didn’t think the original in the show was true enough to Van Gogh’s style, so I made my own attempt.

I am taking commissions for Doctor Who art, space art and sc-fi art in general, and I’m willing to paint Doctor Who art or TARDIS art into any space scene if you so desire, so if you have a particular request please email me!

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Visit my Zazzle store for even more product variations- and if you have any queries or requests, leave me a comment or email and I will sort it out for you right away!

If you just arrived at this page- enjoy some of my other space art paintings!


I really love Doctor Who (I started watching it in 2005), and it’s only getting better and better with each season! I love to provide more ways for fans to show their love in an affordable way. Matt Smith is a wonderful version of The Doctor- you can really sense that his character is an immensely old alien in ways that you couldn’t with David Tennant, however charming his performance had been!

Click “more” for additional products- mousepads, cards, T-shirts, keyrings and much more! Perfect gifts for Doctor Who fans!

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